Up Coming Games


Tuesday Red Division Lower intermediate skill ability.  (House/Rec level)

TeamWinsLossTieTotal Points
Advanced Time111022
Devils Lake Golf Course74216
Huff Auto Group65113
North-PLy / Kibby Deli64214
Moose Knuckles11013
Buffalo Wild Wings58010
Damage Inc.63315
C. A. I.83117

Wednesday Gold & Blue Division Intermediate and Advanced skill ability. Faster paced and more competitive than Tuesday Red Division. (Travel & above level)


TeamWinsLossTieTotal Points
Crown Royals4619
Grimes Plumbing4619
Hammond Propane73115
Barbers Bike Shop2904
Bar Downskis110022

Thursday Over 40 

TeamWinsLossTieTotal Points
M. D. K.2337
Jackson Hockey2515
D. E. Fighting Irish3606

The New “B” Division

TeamWinsLossTieTotal Points
#1 Zak Thompson-Yellow0500
#2 Brian Wynychuk-Black2126
#3 Brian Schleede-Green3117
#4 Brian Sharlow-Red3117